WEC takes the view that the whole family is called into mission and that the children are precious to God. Each support (sending) branch has someone who takes responsibility for MKs, and internationally WEC aspires to put in place all of the support measures described below. WEC also intentionally recruits and trains teachers and support staff for MKs.

Right at the beginning of the selection process WEC staff and parents will discuss the needs of the children and the implications of any moves. This issue may affect the timing and location of service, especially if it’s overseas.

During training WEC seeks to deliver an orientation program for the children. WEC staff spend time with the parents looking at long-term educational planning, and issues such as bilingualism and special educational needs.

We encourage ministry (receiving) branches to provide orientation and support for the children on arrival. Here WEC seeks to ensure that the wellbeing of families is reviewed regularly. This includes educational and welfare issues.

During or after a crisis situation, such as sudden departure, evacuation, sickness or bereavement, WEC will provide access to support and debriefing for the children as well as the adults.

Re-entry to the passport culture is understood to be a major transition for MKs. WEC looks to provide support for this process, both before departure from the ministry branch location and after arrival in the passport country. Some of our MK workers are trained in debriefing the whole family. We are seeking to ensure that each of our support branches offers practical help to the children, both through debriefing and through linking them up with other MKs. An example of this is the joint-mission ReKonnect holiday in the UK.

Support branches also offer to keep in touch with their adult MKs to provide connection and support where appropriate.

WEC is growing and the profile of MKs is changing, as families join us from new sending countries. We are working to develop more resources to support this process.

Gill Bryant