A trip to Thailand, to pray - a prayer adventure in a foreign land! How exciting it seemed. To walk, see, experience and to pray God’s presence, his power, glory and gospel into the lives and cities of northern Thailand. Yet was I prepared for what was to come? I thought so. But perhaps I wasn’t expecting to be so challenged myself; to have the ways, hows and whys I pray affected so much. This wasn’t just an overseas prayer walk; this was a Wingspan Prayer Assignment.

Wingspan Prayer (https://wingspanprayer.org/), based in Chiang Mai, is a prayer ministry of WEC that seeks to train, equip and provide frontline pray-ers and prayer for church planting teams in Southeast Asia and the world. To produce pray-ers who go.

So we found our stay a mix of prayer on the streets, on the mountain and in the temples and other key sites around the city. Praying strategically, praying powerfully, and worshipping the glory of the risen King. But we also found ourselves in the classroom and the prayer room - learning, growing, being shaped and moulded by God as we drew closer to him.

For each of us on the team there was a sense of being called to the trip; God had his reasons for us all to be there. And I think none of us have come home the same. We were all changed for the better.

Standing on a mountaintop temple, praying for a city and a people blinded and bowed down by Buddhism; hearts were broken. Watching foreign tourists bow down and worship idols and demons; hearts were angered. Seeing young children begging and crying for the tourist’s dollar; hearts were incensed.

Yet praying, singing and declaring the word of God and the hope of the gospel our hearts were filled with hope. Praying strategically, on site, for a people we could see and smell and touch; our lives will never be the same again.

Though the chains of darkness are tight over the Buddhist world, they are nothing before the glory and might of the risen Christ. Let us all stand together in prayer and seek the God who gave his life that the chains of darkness would be broken. Come Lord Jesus. Let your reign, let your rule, let your Kingdom come.

If you are interested in being part of a future prayer trip, talk to your nearest WEC mobiliser.

Ben Hallam