A Facebook post was the catalyst which led to a year of study at Worldview for Eva Kennedy. One day someone in her church read a post expressing a dream to be a missionary… and challenged her to consider training at Worldview!

Eva spent most of her growing-up years in Launceston, and her church often had visiting missionaries and Worldview students participating. With previous studies and work experience in fashion and design, she wondered how God could use her in mission.

Deciding to study in 2017 she expected to meet with God in a different way and learn to hear His voice. This expectation was met.

Studying Bible and Mission subjects was not easy, but it was valuable and stretched her thinking.

Even though she has travelled extensively, Cultural Anthropology taught her just how ingrained one’s worldview is and its life-shaping impact. For example she observed that, whereas relaxed Aussies respond to a knock on the door with a “Come in”, her Korean classmate Ally would never just walk in. She would wait until the door was opened and she was greeted and invited in.

The highlight of the year was participating in an ‘intensive’ facilitated by Victorious Ministries Through Christ. Eva realised things about herself that needed attention. Dealing with these she experienced breakthrough and healing.

Through weekly small groups – Huddles - Eva learnt more about her gifting. She had never thought of herself as having the gift of evangelism. But anyone who knows how friendly and quietly caring she is is not surprised. She has never thought of herself as a leader. But as she embraces the call to make disciples who make disciples, she has learnt that leaders need to change their leadership style according to the needs of those being discipled.


Now Eva has graduated, and is planning to join WEC and head to Spain.

Why? Eva spent six months in Spain in 2011 and fell in love with the culture, the people, the food, and the fact that the Spanish are family-oriented and enjoy life despite struggles. While exposed to the needs of many places during her studies, and made aware of particular ministry opportunities in Asia, there was still a pull towards Spain.

WEC’s emphasis on training and life-long learning appeals to Eva. She has met many long-term workers and this has made an impression.

2018 will be a year of continued preparation. She is not sure of the exact details. They may involve a visit to Spain, learning more about Catholicism, more experience in evangelism, completing Candidate Orientation for joining WEC, and/or…

“Quirky” is one word that Eva would use to describe herself. One thing is for sure: God can use her quirkiness in mission and that her dream is coming true.