If you blinked you might have missed it. The world has changed dramatically in the years since 2010, the year WEC launched Mobile Advance, an initiative connecting the lost with the Church using the mobile devices we all have in our pockets. In 2010 only 14% of the world was checking in to Facebook, WhatsApp or any other social media platform; today 42% of us are! Amazing - nearly 30% of the world joined a social media account in just seven years! Likewise, approximately 20% of the world’s population began using the internet or a mobile phone for the first time in these past seven years.

These new digital connections provide amazing opportunities – and we’re taking them - to connect with seekers in some of the most closed countries. Connections made over social media turn to private discussions which lead to face-to-face meetings and even the establishment of new fellowships. Thousands in some of the most restricted countries have been enabled to download a copy of the Bible in their language, after coming across digital “billboards” in the midst of their online activities. Missionaries in some countries are regularly meeting with isolated believers to fellowship, pray and study the word together via WhatsApp chats.

On-the-ground outreaches are enriched by the media our workers now carry with them. Missionaries with a Bible app on their phone have God’s word with them whenever they are out. They are also enabled to not just speak of Jesus, but also introduce and see people fall in love with him as they see him portrayed via the JESUS Film and other media on their phone’s screen.

There is a saying: “One hand does not clap alone”. WEC is excited to be partnering with the wider Church, helping to lead the way forward via the leadership role we have in the Mobile Ministry Forum, a network with over 1200 participants representing over 125 agencies. To learn more about digital outreach check us out at www.mobmin.org.

Keith Williams