The mission environment in the 21st Century is changing rapidly. Missionary activity, previously described as “From the West to Everywhere” – Western missionaries going into the world to share the gospel - has entered a new era of “From everywhere to everywhere.” One of WEC’s responses to this has been the formation of the IMM (International Mission Mobilisation) Branch. IMM’s objectives can be summarised as mobilising and training missionaries in majority world countries where WEC previously has not mobilised, and sending them out through WEC.

IMM teams and associates are currently serving in approximately a dozen countries in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Asia, helping to mobilise the Church for missions. The response from these churches to being involved in sending out missionaries is often amazing. Especially when we consider that many of these churches represent people groups which were considered ‘missionary-receiving’ peoples not so long ago.

Here are some of the ways that God is using IMM.

For several years Young Tae and Emily have been representing WEC in Romania and laying the foundation for mission mobilisation. Now, for the first time, we have four (soon to be six) new Romanian WECers.

Currently IMM is running a short-term missionary training program in the Philippines. Up to 20 students are enrolled from various Asian countries as well as the Philippines. What fruit for the Kingdom shall we see from them?

One worker from the Philippines has already joined WEC, and recently IMM ran its first ever missions conference for churches there. WECers Patrick Johnstone from Britain and Trevor Kallmier from Australia were the main speakers, along with IMM’s Byung Kook Yoo. Though it was a small gathering, the people who participated were very serious about missions, and staff were able to have meaningful conversations with them.

The opportunities in one South East Asian country are enormous. One denomination said of WEC: You are the first group to come in and say, “We need you, we want to help you. Join us”. A seminary has asked IMM to run a missions program for the students for about a month on campus during the school break. (Due to the lack of teaching staff they can only run a one-week pilot program.) More volunteers are needed to join this exciting program.

In South Asia IMM’s ministry is developing rapidly and candidate orientation courses have resulted in ten new workers joining WEC. They have become involved in mission work in Thailand and other countries.

In Africa IMM personnel have been successfully running Kairos courses, including one in Arabic. They have had many opportunities to visit and speak in churches and seminaries, sharing the vision of cross-cultural mission. The potential is enormous.

More workers are needed to help further develop IMM’s ministry. If you would like more information please get in touch at