The ‘A’ is for ‘advance,’ as they pioneer into uncharted territory. Mission today is truly a global task, and this team’s vision is to seek out and prepare mission-minded people who come from emerging sending countries.

The A Team runs regional, two-month-duration, “mission English” training schools in South-east Asia. Paul and Rachel from New Zealand volunteered at one such course. Paul explains, “English is often the required language for multicultural teams serving across cultures. This residential course has been specifically developed to improve missionary recruits’ English for mission. With greater fluency a wider network of opportunities is opened to them, helping them to find their place and contribute well in such teams. Students come from a range of countries in the region to do the course. It’s a strategic growth option for them.

“We know the effort was extremely worthwhile, and we made many lasting friendships. For us it was an incredibly rewarding life experience for which we’re grateful; one we will never forget.”


Australian couple K and K, who also helped teach English on one of these courses, add, “For many students this is their first opportunity to experience living with people from other countries and cultures. As well students gain a better understanding of what mission work entails and how and where they can go about ‘doing mission’.”

Some go on to join international agencies like WEC; others serve in cross-cultural ministry teams within their home country.

Adapted from an article published in GO Into (WEC New Zealand)