If you live on earth and are not overwhelmed, you are not human! In the last six months I have travelled from Australia to Thailand, Western Asia, Austria and Germany. The one consistent is change.

In Thailand I met a Korean couple, working in an Islamic Asian country, who had a clearly developed church planting vision for this nation. I also met Christians from restricted access nations training to be missionaries to unreached minorities.

In Western Asia, a large unreached Islamic nation is being swamped by refugees. Many of these refugees are coming to faith in Christ. The missionaries there have been sharing Christ with local inhabitants for decades, with little result. Now the challenge is to decide either to continue investing time in the locals or to embrace this new wave of people, perhaps more receptive to Jesus.

In Austria I sat in the lounge room of some missionaries from Australia. Present were about ten refugees studying the scriptures. Many had come to know Christ. Spending time on the high street of Linz, sharing the gospel, we were met warmly by immigrants from many countries where Islam is the primary religion. They talked openly and with interest about faith. But almost all those from European nations were cold to any conversation. Perhaps the salvation of Europe will be in the hands of Muslim refugees who discover Jesus in post-Christian Europe.