I arrived in Indonesia 32 years ago with the vision of introducing world mission to Indonesian Christians, as there were very, very few people open to or involved in mission.

During my very first hours of teaching in a seminary I challenged my class to get involved in God’s global work. My students were shocked by my challenge. ‘If we do this, we will be persecuted.’ Only a year later, when heavy persecution shook the islands, the Indonesian church - especially the students - started to move. Prayer groups were started and the first workers were sent abroad. I took over a small prayer group, and we prayed faithfully for 12 years and saw about 20 of my former students sent out to other countries. God answered our prayers in a fantastic way.

In 1999 I moved to M, a university city comprising 50% students studying in seminaries and universities. I again taught Mission and Evangelism in a seminary. The Lord brought me in contact with one small university where I helped out as a coach for the Christian students. There I started my first student mission prayer group. This group became the backbone for trips inside the country, at first to liberal Christian areas but then to the unreached peoples of Indonesia. Beyond that, the Lord called two of my students for six months to Africa, China and Thailand. Our teams were made up of not just committed students, but people on fire for the Lord. We experienced many miracles: God provided the money, stilled the storm of the Savu Sea, and protected the students when they lived with shamans and a village chief. He brought us in contact with people who were open to follow Jesus, not only as prophet but also as Saviour; and a clan chief who was baptised with his family. Two years ago we started Spark, a student prayer network, in about seven seminaries and 15 universities.

With God nothing is impossible in the biggest Muslim country of the world.

Dr. Veronika Elbers