Sending WEC Indonesia (SWI) sent its first Christian workers to West Africa in 1995. Since then we have sent 34. In this period three couples and two singles have returned to Indonesia to become full-time ‘senders’ in our office. The others are serving in the Middle East, Asia, the Pacific and Africa.

SWI’s vision is that, together with the Indonesian church, we will reach the world for Christ. We partner with churches by mobilising, recruiting, sending and supporting the cross-cultural workers they send.

The work is not without its challenges. Many churches in Indonesia think that mission or evangelism is no longer relevant today. The feeling is that mission or worldwide evangelism has been already fulfilled by Jesus’ disciples, and later misused by colonial powers to expose Western culture to the entire world. Christians must not impose their religion and belief system on others. They think Indonesian Christians only need to dialogue with those of other religions about how to make life better and how to eradicate poverty and sickness.

Evangelical churches agree with us that mission is important, but not overseas mission. The attitude is that there are still so many unbelievers in Indonesia. They ask, ‘Why go to another country and spend too much money, while our own people are in need?’ Praise the Lord for some local evangelical churches and individuals who support us and our workers.

God has been faithful to SWI. Since we sent our first worker, despite our financial support being low compared with that from other countries, workers have stayed on the field for 10 to 20 years and more.

We are thankful for many ex-workers from Indonesia who still faithfully support us prayerfully and financially. Their sacrifices and generosity make it possible for SWI to keep sending out more new workers to reach people groups in other part of the world.

Our current centre was proving not suitable as office space. This year we stepped out in faith and decided to buy a building not far from our existing centre. Our present centre will function as a guest house and accommodation for our workers when they are on home leave. We praise God for providing the deposit for the new building. Our main challenge now is to keep making the monthly repayments until December 2018. We would appreciate your prayers in support of this.