“If you have mission on your heart, I highly recommend you join a team and see for yourself what is happening.”
Adam - 2018 STOMP participant

In the last 18 months, WEC Australia’s Mobilisation Team has been redeveloping its short-term mission program. We have long had a short-term program called WEC Trek, but last year we renamed and rebranded it as STOMP (Short Term Overseas Mission Program). Expressions of interest were sought from Australian WECers to lead short-term trips. The result was four trips to four countries in 2018. Two have taken place - one to the Middle East and one to India - and those to East Timor and a South-east Asian country are planned for later in the year.

The trips aim to give people a taste of what cross-cultural mission is like. Participants interact with Christian workers on the ground, see the ministries in which they are involved and meet local people. They can be involved in other activities depending on the needs of the on-site workers and the skills of the team. You can read about the impact of the STOMP India trip on this page.

Check out the full details at: wec.com.au/stomp