Mission accomplished! The awesome foursome returned from the melting pot of people in India, with its sweltering heat, to a bitterly cold Melbourne. That happy, tired feeling wasn’t accompanied by Delhi-belly, so all were grateful. STOMP trips like this can be critical turning points in life, and so it was for this team as they were impacted in different ways.

One immediately enrolled into a Missions Perspectives course to further prepare herself for cross-cultural service. Another decided that her next step was to go to Bible college to be better equipped for mission service. Still another is considering returning for a few months to help out in the practical and discipling aspects of Betel India. So what happened in that short two-week visit?

A healthy undergirding of prayer by family, friends and colleagues, before and during the trip, directly affected the team and all they did. Living and working amongst drug addicts in two of the 18 Christian Betel centres in India was tough but enriching. There were opportunities for practical work, sharing devotions and many conversations. Outreach into the slum communities was challenging but rewarding. Prayer-walking the streets of the city through which the Ganges River flows was a sobering experience. Watching bodies being cremated by the side of this ‘river god’ and seeing people cleansing their sins in it was a stark reminder of their need of the gospel.

Despite the incredible transformations taking place amongst the men, women and children in these centres, they are facing severe pressure from authorities to close down the children’s program. Please pray and consider going to help.