How do you become the Principals of a college dedicated to cross-cultural training in a discipleship community? Our answer is, ‘We don’t know!’ Yet we’re now anticipating the blessing of taking on this responsibility from 2019 at the Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies.

In the non-corporate, ‘non-ladder-climbing’ environment of global mission, in which ‘promotion’ as normally envisaged does not exist, it can be hard for the outsider to see how ‘personal goals and aspirations’ fit into the picture. We have discovered that cross-cultural workers do not lack purpose; rather that their motivation lies in their availability and willingness to engage in whatever God will have them do, often not knowing what will happen next. This has been our story over the past five years. Don’t get us wrong. Aspiration is a good thing to have, but there needs to be more that drives a person to do the work they do, especially when salaries and other ‘normal’ perks are not part of the picture.

Six years ago we were growing restless. We knew God was up to something but didn’t know what would happen next. We both had fulfilling work in ministry and in the health sector, but in time we discerned that God was asking more from us. A year later we sold our home, sold our largest possessions, packed up the rest and made our way to Mexico with our three-year-old daughter and baby boy. We immersed ourselves in the culture of a small fishing town and spent time with “Christian Surfers”. We made ourselves available to help wherever we could and soon enough connected with two young American families who had a vision to start a school.

Daniel and K
Daniel and Kristie have just been appointed the new Principals of Worldview, after serving on staff for a number of years.

Was God calling us to live in Mexico long-term? We only had six months in Puerto Escondido and we could see great needs. We hadn’t considered ourselves as missionaries, but what if this was next? Our answer came within just a few weeks of returning home. Up to this point we’d received numerous job offers from Australia but none seemed to jump out. Then an email came from Worldview: ‘Would you consider joining the staff and living on campus?’ Within 30 minutes we knew this was it. We said adios to our much-loved new friends and moved to the Worldview Centre, with the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture of missions and training.

We didn’t join the Worldview staff with the desire to be Principals. God has not worked like this in our lives. Perhaps if we had known the responsibility we would later take on we might have said ‘No’ at the start. But God has been interested in our availability and obedience as his disciples. Whether in the secular workforce or in mission we’ve learned that contentment comes from responding to his voice. We look forward to the years ahead, as we continue to encourage others to hear and respond to what God is asking of them, particularly with regards to mission.