“Amber, you’re so brave wanting to become a missionary”, I had someone say to me recently. “I could never do that!” But here’s the thing - I don’t feel particularly brave.

When I was a child I had a picture about what my grownup life would be like: I’d get married, own a house, have some kids and a dog. But right now, today, at this stage of my adulthood, my life looks very different from that.

Saying “yes” to God about being a missionary is scary because it means saying “no” to all these other things - which are good things. It’s hard to let go of the dreams I had for my life. But for me one of the hardest parts is in the expectations others - family, friends and society - have of me and my life.

I recently read this quote: “Get comfortable being uncomfortable”. It challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and into where God is leading me. Scripture and past events in my life tell me that God is faithful! Because I took those previous, smaller steps of obedience, I can now take this step knowing He goes with me. He didn’t fail me then, and He won’t now!

I wonder, what is God asking you to be brave about today?

I wonder, if today God is asking me to follow Him in this step, what will the steps be tomorrow? Whatever they may be, I’m praying I will always have the courage to follow His voice and not the voice of others’ expectations.

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