“AC for Sport Training and Tournaments” began in October 2017. Utilising sports training, clinics and community tournaments we minister the love of Jesus to many local communities.

It is a great opportunity for us to use what we love - sport - to work in this Middle Eastern nation. As a developing business, some of our ministry is reliant on Short- Termers – people who serve alongside us for a limited time. It could be a great opportunity for someone like you! “How do short-termers help?” you ask.

Firstly, you provide ‘fresh legs’. Like a substitute coming off the bench, you enable us to run more short sports clinics and trainings. You make community sport and Desert Sports Clinics possible, often in places where many children can’t pay the fees.

In the eyes of the community your presence boosts our image: we look to be thriving. This creates interest in our community, which leads to increased connection with the local young people. Just your presence alone can make a significant difference.

“What about language?” you might ask. Non-verbal communication - eye contact and gestures - goes a long way here. And you can always encourage with words like, “Bravo, Bravo”, and a big smile.

You can share your insights and perspectives with us, which help shape how we do things. You help us remember God is in control, and He brings his people to serve alongside us. We both get the chance to encourage each other to experience God in our work and faith.

Lastly, you simply fuel our vision. We are not alone! We are part of his body and we share something - HIS VISION and HIS LOVE.

So, if you are thinking of serving Jesus, think of SPORT and think of STOMP! Why not take a SPORT STOMP?

“John” and “Nancy” are a husband and wife team, living in the Middle East for the last seven years. They reach into their local community through football coaching