While not everyone who goes short-term will end up going long-term, it is said that the majority of long-term missionaries today went short-term first. The significance of ‘exposure’ trips and other short-term experiences cannot be understated. Short-term mission changes our lives, as we open ourselves up to what God is doing and saying.

Two people who recently went on a WEC STOMP received a call to long-term missions. Here are their stories. May you be inspired to step out and find the life God has in store for you.


For many of us the gap between thinking about doing missions and actually going can seem too colossal a step. For me, doing a short-term trip was the catalyst that started me moving from just thinking about it to actually preparing to go long-term. My time overseas was a confirmation that God was calling me long-term. During the trip God spoke to me about reckless dependence on Him who is faithful always, and calmed my niggling fears, giving me the courage to take the next small step towards going long-term. In each city I visited I had a deep peace, which confirmed to me that God was going before me. He showed me he had already been preparing me for missions for some time and growing me to fit well into this new place.

Rachel returned from her STOMP trip knowing the way ahead. Her steps ahead took her to a season of training at Worldview (see page 12) as well as applying for WEC Candidate Orientation.


My short-term trip gave me an understanding of mission work in Japan. I encountered Japanese people from different age groups, talked to missionaries from different cultures, experienced authentic Japanese culture, and saw the immense need in this country, all within three months. I learned that mission in Japan takes time, needs patience and requires the establishing of long-term trust relationships with people.

During my time in Japan I was praying about whether God was leading me there as a long-term missionary. The Sunday after I left Japan God spoke to me through a pastor’s message. God had also been continually giving me the same scripture through different channels: “Whether you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear a voice behind you, saying, ‘This is the way; walk in it.’” (Isaiah 30:21)

My mission trip gave me a greater understanding of missions and God confirmed my future path to go to Japan as a long-term missionary.

Having returned to Australia convinced of her calling to Japan, Susanna applied to join WEC and was accepted into WEC Candidate Orientation for 2019.