Hi. I’m Daniel. Earlier this year I went on a STOMP to Spain as part of a WEC gap year. I was there for three weeks and had some incredible experiences. I spent time with local missionaries around Madrid, taking part in a range of activities: a homework club for mostly migrant students run out of a church, an open-air evangelism production in the main square of a town nearby, an English language café/learning space. I also spent a week living with recovering and reformed drug addicts in a Betel house. Betel runs rehabilitation houses for both men and women all over the world, but it first cropped up in Spain. It’s been so successful there that the Betel fellowship in Madrid is the largest evangelical church in Spain! The final stop on my whirlwind adventure was the local WEC branch’s annual conference, where I looked after the children while the missionaries dealt with all the serious stuff. It was a great learning experience, and the week with Betel was particularly eye-opening as I realized some prejudices I held but didn’t know about. It was a place filled with joy and love and I hadn’t expected that. What things do you believe deep down? Why not do a STOMP trip and challenge yourself to find out?

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