Jesus loves children. Parents brought their children to him for blessing. He healed children, and even used a child as an object lesson. He taught that those who want to be the greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven “must change and become like little children.” Matt 18:3

Children are important to Jesus, so they should be important to us. WEC Australia values children and teenagers; often considered the future generations, but also vital in the Kingdom of God today. We therefore believe it is as important to teach and train children and teenagers, about God’s heart for the world and his work in it, as the adults in our congregations. We want to help churches disciple their children and teens in missions, nurturing God’s heart for the world’s lost within their hearts too.

First Step Kids helps children gain an awareness and understanding of the spread of the gospel around the world. Using age-appropriate teaching, stories, games, illustrations, crafts and significant prayer activities, we seek to enable primary aged children to engage with the need for the gospel and to celebrate the transformation God is bringing to lives around the world. First Step Kids is adaptable, in that it can be as short as a one-hour Sunday School session or a whole weekend of activities. Longer sessions are also tailor-made to highlight areas of the world and people with whom your church is partnered.

For teenagers we have developed two kinds of activities, both planned as weekend programs, e.g. for a weekend camp. But they are adaptable and can be shortened if necessary.

First Step Teens introduces teenagers to the concept of mission and expands their horizons to think more about people around the world. This is done through a host of immersive learning activities that challenge what the young people think they know about the world and include key times of prayer for the world.

Next Step Teens is aimed at older teenagers who are contemplating what comes next for them after school. Again there is a range of activities, each designed to help the young people learn, grow and see how they can impact the world for the gospel. Both the First and Next Step Teens programs are stand-alone. There is no need for someone to progress from one to the other, although there is value in doing so.

In WEC Australia we want to help the Church serve her young people, discipling them so that they can discover the role God has for them in His Kingdom, for today and in the future.

Matt McNulty

“Thanks again for coming along and running First Steps for our Sunday School. It was fantastically engaging and a great clear message about the importance of sharing our hope in Christ with others, particularly those who don’t have access to the gospel message. The kids loved it, and so did I!” - Stafford Heights Baptist Church
Pastor Ben Chapman, Associate Pastor

In the 2015 MissionNext Launch Survey (launchsurvey.wordpress. com) 27% of the 299 missionaries surveyed declared that their childhood years were significant in deciding to become a long-term missionary. For those claiming the teenage years to be significant, the percentage increased to 42%.