I enjoyed sport and history during high school. I had thought about becoming a sports journalist or maybe a teacher, but when I got to the end of year 12 I really wasn’t sure what to do next. I ended up in the insurance industry, and then 15 years later headed overseas to South Africa with WEC. However I really would have appreciated a different path into my life of cross-cultural ministry.

Are you struggling with what to do after you have finished school? Maybe you have started studies or joined the workforce but are questioning if this is what you should really be doing? Or you could be reading this and thinking of your children, grandchildren or friends. If you are 18 – 23 years old: Do you want to grow deeper in your relationship with Jesus? Would you like to experience and be trained in cross-cultural ministry? Do you want to understand more about God’s heart for the nations? If you have answered ‘Yes!’ then WEC has a gap year experience for you.

Jump will give you the opportunity to ‘step out of the boat’ and learn more about yourself. You will have the opportunity to join in WEC team life, all around the country, encounter cross-cultural ministry in the heart of Sydney, and be given training in both Cross-cultural Communication and Church Planting at Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies in Tasmania. Then you’ll head to Perth. You’ll learn to deliver the teaching for the First and Next Step camp weekends and be part of the team that runs them across regional areas in WA. Finally, you’ll complete your year by doing a three-month overseas placement with one of the many WEC teams around the world. All this while being discipled and coached as you spend your year with us. So why not Jump into a year of adventure? Jump into culture, Jump into community, Jump into missions.

For more information please contact Richard Parker, National Intern Coordinator, at richard.parker@wec.com. au, 0497 968 850 Richard Parker loves Jesus, sport and especially his beautiful South African wife, Lindsey, and gorgeous boys, Andrew and Jonathan. He spent 13 years with WEC in South Africa. He is a Missions Mentor in NSW and the National Intern Co-ordinator.