WEC’s Leap program aims to walk alongside individuals over 21 who are interested in cross-cultural service. Leap offers opportunities to understand more about what God is saying to you about his plans for your future. Could you become a part of the Leap program and spend 16 hours a week as an intern? Do you have a part–time job and the time and desire to explore your role in reaching the unreached? Leap interns are coached and discipled as they spend at least four hours a week engaging in cross-cultural contexts in Australia. The discipleship nature of Leap also provides many chances to talk to others about mission.

There are two streams in Leap: the options to be a part of either the mobilising or media teams. Partnering with the Mobilisation Team will give you a chance to walk with others who are exploring their part in the Great Commission. Partnering with the Media Team allows you to use your creative gifts to get out the message of the urgent need of the gospel.

Whichever stream you enter, you will be spreading the importance of the need for Jesus among unreached and unengaged peoples. You will journey with others who are on the same path as you, and others who have served, are serving, or are currently on their way to serving overseas.

The Leap program can include a STOMP trip overseas, spending two to three weeks putting into practice what you have been learning; getting a hands-on opportunity to see and experience what God is doing among an unreached people group.

Your time will be filled with chances to ask, “What’s next, God?”, to have fun and experience new things, whilst surrounded by people who are wanting to join you on this journey.

I believe it is a great opportunity for anyone who is discerning what God wants of them in terms of overseas service, or for someone who is passionate about seeing others learn about mission.

I am looking forward to having you join us.

For more information please contact Richard Parker, National Intern Co-ordinator, at Richard.parker@wec.com.au and 0497 968 850. Richard Parker loves Jesus, sport and especially his beautiful South African wife, Lindsey and gorgeous boys, Andrew 7 and Jonathan 5. He spent 13 years with WEC in South Africa. He is a Missions Mentor in NSW and the National Intern Co-ordinator.