Changing the world

We all have plans. We all like to know where we’re headed, where we could be and the things we’ll achieve. The world tells us we can be whatever we want if we put our minds to it. With enough strength, motivation and persistence we can achieve anything. We can change the world.

But how? Do we throw ourselves into the war against poverty? Do we fight for human rights? Do we brave the streets of India or Africa to bring human trafficking to an end? Do we do research and find a cure for cancer? What changes are achievable? What can we do with our lives that makes a real, beneficial and lasting difference?

What better way to make a lasting difference than to live in line with the grand purpose of our creator and all-powerful God? Global missions is not our work but God’s work, that we, individually and as the church, need to be involved in. Like all effective goals it is challenging and difficult, but worth every sacrifice. Reaching 7,000 unreached people groups around the world is no easy task. Neither is an end to worldwide poverty. But if we all do the part that God calls each of us to, then nothing is impossible.

That’s all well and good, but like a recreational jogger dreaming of running a marathon you will probably agree there are a few steps to take between your life now and a life in global missions. So we come back to our question of how?

In July I attended a young adults NEXT STEPS camp run by WEC Australia which helped in thinking this through. I came to the camp with lots of knowledge about missions, but also lots of doubts. I wanted to know where God was leading me and whether or not I was walking in the right direction.

About 20 young adults from all around Victoria gathered for this weekend of teaching on missions, seeking God and praying for unreached people groups. Matt McNulty led interactive seminars on the history of missions, the importance of global missions in our world today, and some practical steps on what it takes to actually go.

At the end of each session we divided into small groups and discussed the topics covered. Many others revealed similar dilemmas. They wanted to get involved, but weren’t sure how or where God wanted them. We needed guidance and that’s exactly what God provided.

None of us left the weekend with clear knowledge about how our lives would pan out, or even where exactly God might be calling us. But we all heard from the Holy Spirit and were leaving with at least one practical “next step” to go home and implement. Among other things, the importance of deepening our faith and sharing it with others wherever we find ourselves currently was a major take-away for many; and the need to actively seek God’s will, open our eyes to what he is doing around us and get involved. We had come to realise that, according to the Great Commission (Matthew 28:16- 20), the definition of being a Christian is involvement in mission, wherever we’re at. This is how we can change the world!

Emma grew up in the Middle East and is currently working as a nurse/midwife in Victoria. Follow her blog posts at