At times, do you worry about what to do with your future? As a high school student I certainly did.

Just before year 12 I went on a short-term mission trip with my family to Nepal. Here I saw great physical needs - children in hospital with preventable conditions, young pregnant women arriving at the hospital lacking any prenatal care. I came back to Australia with a vision for my future: I was going to work in health development overseas. This passion got me through that final year of high school and then four years of university. It was during this time that I began to realise that people don’t just need help with their physical health, but also with their spiritual health.

That’s one of the major reasons I’m now studying at Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies. I’m excited about learning about God, myself and how to present the gospel in culturally-appropriate ways.

Some days I’m disheartened. It’s been six years since I was in Nepal and I’m still not yet overseas. I’m learning that God doesn’t always give us all the steps to his plan straight away. Through it all, however, I can trust God’s plans. I may not be completely comfortable stepping into them, but He has always been faithful. And following Him is life’s greatest journey.

Your journey may be similar to mine, or greatly different. That’s not what’s important. But may I encourage you to continue to seek God and His plans for your life, no matter how young or old you are.


A Melbourne girl in her early twenties who loves fun and adventure. Seeking to follow God wherever He leads me.