The doors opened and I shuffled around to let people past. Breathing space opened up and I moved over to fill in the gap as more people flooded onto the MRT. In a few seconds the subway was again picking up speed, racing off to the next stop. I glanced each direction down the length of the subway car and the sea of faces surrounding me was almost totally buried in mobile phones. It was the busy hour before the workday started and my wife and I were under the city of Singapore on the way to WEC’s International Office.

It had only been a handful of weeks since I had accepted the position to work in International IT with WEC; only a handful of months since we had started praying for the next possible opportunity to use the skills that I’d developed in IT; and only a handful of years since God had answered my prayer to serve in some global capacity. For many years in my previous IT career I was blooming where I was planted, but always open to the possibility that God would ask more from me. The company I worked for treated its employees fairly and the owners were God-fearing. There wasn’t any earthly reason to leave, except that I had the desire to be a part of God growing his church in this world. But how? My skills are in IT? I was excited to find out that computer, networking, and programming skills are greatly needed in the world of missions. Just like a business needs the “computer guy” to get through the week, in today’s world a global mission organisation needs a wide range of skilled IT workers to help plant churches, reach the unreached and train the next generation.

The IT role is often in an office setting and the IT needs of WEC are the same as any business: servers, networks, laptops, finance software, email, in-house programs, cloud apps. Just like the crowded subway train, mission in our modern world is full of technology users, and as a result needs IT workers. The positions aren’t dramatic or flashy, but they are essential. If you are skilled in IT, have a love for culture and people and a desire to serve, WEC has numerous openings around the world. We’re praying for more IT workers to come work with us.

Corey Nice, recently appointed International IT Director for WEC, took Jesus seriously in telling his followers to “deny himself and take up his cross and follow me” and to “make disciples of all nations.” This led to a life-changing journey full of faith, sacrifice and the pursuit of holiness.