Recently, talking to someone who is preparing to go overseas as a missionary, I heard that it wasn’t until she was a student at Bible college that she began to hear about cross-cultural missions. This was somewhat shocking to me. Perhaps one might wonder, ‘Had she been living under a rock?’ How could she have grown up in a church and not known about, not grasped the place of missions? Mission work had been relegated to a place in history. Or at least, if mentioned, was not connected to our lives today.

Sadly, the truth is that there are many good, faithful Christians and churches that know very little about missions or the plight of the unreached. This didn’t stop God from leading this lady onto the path of missions, but in some ways it reflects on the place of missions in the western church today. According to Bethany Global University, 70% of evangelical Christians “have never been told about the billions of unevangelised and unreached individuals in the world”, let alone that God has a part for them to play in those people hearing.

In WEC Australia one of our main functions is sending people from Australia out to the nations. This obviously includes training, supporting and, perhaps more importantly, calling people into missions. In a conversation I had with one of our mission mentors a while ago, he likened the act of sharing the needs of missions to a prophetic calling. It is how he sees his job: to engage people with the word of God and the mission of God in order to see a Holy Spirit encounter that leads them to involvement in mission.

When it comes to WEC Australia’s Media Team, our role is similar. The majority of what WEC media produces for use here in Australia is focused on this ‘prophetic calling’: Letting people know of the needs of the world. Helping our mission mentors and others to clearly get that message across. Resourcing our workers. Resourcing and equipping churches, pray-ers and supporters. Helping educate and make the church aware of the needs and how they can be involved.

The Great Commission was a task that Jesus bestowed upon his Church. It wasn’t a ‘maybe’, or an ‘if you want to’. It was a command; the most important task that he has for us. The Church’s raison d’être - our reason for being. Just think: if no one was doing missions none of us would have heard about Jesus. Christianity would still be confined to Jerusalem, or more probably have died out by now.

Media provides a major, creative way to help the Church see, understand and grasp this most important task of making disciples of all nations. By working with and resourcing our mission mentors and engaging with the Australian Church, online and through other media, our desire is to see people CALLED to missions, JOIN with the global missions community, and GO to those who have never heard.


What faith looked like

By Faith is Worldview’s motto this year. I have been thinking about that phrase a lot whilst being here; what it looks like to live by faith each day. Reading through Hebrews 11, often called the ‘hall of faith’, I am amazed by the number of sinners and “normal” people included. They were not perfect, but because they were trusting God’s plan and seeking to follow Him, they were able to do amazing things.

A few weeks ago, in church, I saw a girl sitting on her own. Feeling a little nervous I went up and introduced myself. In the course of the conversation she shared her stories and the pain and worries she was experiencing. I wasn’t able to solve her problems, but I was able to listen to her. That is powerful.

Reflecting on this experience I can see that this little act of kindness was also an act of faith; of being Jesus in this setting and loving people. I could have easily ignored her and gone on with my day, overlooking someone I could love.

So, faith that day looked like stepping out of my comfort zone and showing interest in someone else’s story. What will your step of faith look like today?


A Melbourne girl in her early twenties, who loves fun and adventure, seeking to follow God wherever He leads me. Currently a student at Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies.

If you are someone who is creative and has skills in media or IT, and want to know how you can be involved in missions, whether in Australia or overseas, get in touch and start a conversation. You could even become one of our media interns through our internship program, Leap. Email