Size isn’t everything. Take RW for example. We’re a small team in a tiny island nation tucked away off the coast of Europe. But we’ve had a huge worldwide influence, reaching almost every continent. How? By God’s enabling. For over 50 years we’ve been producing audio material - dramas, quizzes, books, and more - for an international audience.

We’ve travelled too - passing on the skills with which God has blessed us to those just starting their media journey. Small teams, large conferences, colleges, one-to-one; you name it, we’ve trained it. But it’s never been about us. We’ve always focused on our audience. And God of course.

We love to take the never-changing message of the gospel and help people to hear it in the ‘language they listen with’. Sometimes it’s buried deep (hidden in a discussion on the Olympic Games). Sometimes it’s almost visible (in a drama about the days of Noah from the perspective of his godless neighbour). And sometimes it’s pure testimony, such as ‘Tigers, Wirraways and Willow’, a biography of an ANZAC WW2 pilot who became a leading Christian businessman in Victoria. Whether hidden or plain, it’s always there. And it always will be.

By resourcing people through training and providing pre-recorded media for people to use, RW fulfils its vision to see the unreached engaging with the gospel through Context Sensitive Outreach Media.

Along the way we’ve met people like Glory*, a young African student from a Muslim background. Through her exposure to media training she met with Jesus, and then shared her new faith with her family so effectively that her mother was baptised!

And Bob, a radio producer in the Middle East struggling to make meaningful contact with the local people, who suddenly realised there was a new, more effective way of doing things.

Once we were a team of many; now we’re a team of few. And still we’re able to go to the nations - on-line, on-air, or on the ground. Like I said, size isn’t everything.

Tony Pullen

Director RW, Leeds, UK.

You can listen to the podcasts of Tigers, Wirraways and Willow at: sets/tigers-wirraways-and-willow