It was an amazing two weeks. We enjoyed the ancient landmarks, the biblical sites, the Dead Sea and the Red Sea. The wilderness is vast and beautiful with dramatic rock formations past which God’s people walked on their way to the Promised Land. We visited lookouts, where Abraham and Lot chose their land and where Moses, Aaron and Joshua received their orders from the Lord. We were a team of four, which was easy for travelling and visiting locals, and it was a good mix of personalities and life experiences. Our creative hosts found suitable activities enabling us to connect with their friends. It was a privilege to sit with those who are working in the country for the sake of the Kingdom, listening to them and praying. That was the main purpose of our trip - to become informed and to pray. We visited a hospital and a clinic serving both local people and many who have fled war-torn neighbouring countries, a school providing top-level education to expatriates, a deaf centre and a sports academy. All of these open up valuable interactions with those they serve. Some of us helped teach swimming, we had fun helping children with their schoolwork, and we taught a few words of English to local children. What a joy to visit people in their homes, from three different countries: great hospitality, delicious food, multiple tiny cups of tea or coffee, sitting in comfortable lounges or on a mat in a Bedouin home, hair covered and in dark clothes, feet tucked away out of sight. This particular part of the world, chosen by God for his timely engagement with humankind as ‘fully man’, has the potential for a wonderful harvest. He is still at work in these biblical lands and continues to call his followers to go there as his ambassadors.