You returned from Africa in 2007 for your children’s education. Why didn’t you resign from WEC?

We wanted to continue our involvement with the mission and were open to doing something full-time again in the future.

What helped to keep you interested in overseas mission?

WEC’s commitment to prayer has always been a drawcard and hosting prayer meetings in our home in Adelaide was a good way to stay connected. Using our home as a base for mobilising events and offering hospitality to visiting missionary speakers were other ways we maintained close ties to WEC Australia.

Why have you come back to Worldview?

Reflecting during service in The Gambia we found we valued the training we had received at Worldview, especially the aspect of living in community and the empha-sis on prayer. In the years since we’ve been asked to work at Worldview, and now that our children are independent, and knowing that our parents are receiving care, we felt this was the right time.

What are your expectations of being on staff?

Ralf will be the Maintenance Manager and is learning the ropes from Graeme Townsend, the current Maintenance Manager. Graeme will stay involved but is happy to pass on the overall responsibility. It’s the kind of job which is never ending. However, being at Worldview is not just about lots of jobs but the chance to share life with students, to mentor and disciple them in the midst of practical work. I have been helping in the library and will pick up some other responsibilities in time.

Ralf and Trudy are looking forward to being part of a team. They continue to have a passion for mission and feel that Worldview is a good place for them to contribute, helping to train up others to go to the unreached.