Worldview, WEC's Australian based Bible College, sees residential training as significant to the training and preparation of cross-cultural workers. Covid-19 has caused them to take stock and adapt for this current season.

Grappling with Covid-19 - The questions we face in this time

“Community” is one of Worldview’s values, so it was a strong wrench to restrict contact with each other in the wake of COVID-19 and government directives. At the same time this value of Community meant that we didn’t want to take any risk of spreading infection. Asking outside volunteers not to come in was difficult, and the barriers at the gate seemed unwelcoming but were necessary to control movement into the college.

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There were many questions for the college to address:

This desire to see education and discipleship done in a face-to-face community context has meant that up until now we have intentionally not offered units online. What will life at Worldview look like now that we have to go online?

Similarly we are exploring how we maintain rhythms of worship and prayer, like morning devotions, lunchtime prayer for missionaries and our small discipleship groups called “Huddles”?

In the Worldview community visiting missionaries have been a regular part of the program, bringing their stories and experiences and rubbing shoulders with staff and students. We don’t want to lose this, and are exploring, ‘How can we still learn from practitioners who can no longer visit?’

Then there are other questions: How do we care for single students? Will meals still be catered for? Who can I eat with? How can we have any ministry outside the college? There are many more things that need to be considered. And where is God in all of this?

In first term, as we began to grapple with the implications, it was good during our morning times of community worship to focus on the names and attributes of God and how they apply to this situation. The Psalms have also been helpful. Isn’t it great that we can bring all our thoughts and emotions to God?

The students of 2020 will never forget this year, and we trust that this experience at Worldview will shape them and help them to face other difficult situations in the years ahead. Worldview will go on, continue being community, continue discipling, training and preparing people for God’s work.

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