Mitch and Chloe come from Bundaberg, Queensland. They’ve had many short-term mission experiences. Recently they felt the time was right to formally prepare for long-term cross-cultural mission, so with the encouragement of the leadership of their church they came to Worldview in 2019 for a Taster Week.

Now they are fulltime Worldview students. While neither are particularly academic they are loving the study. Chloe says: “It’s so easy in church to believe what you are told and you don’t always ask questions. Here I’m asking questions I didn’t even know I had, and I’m encouraged to explore and search out answers”.

Mitch has found that Cultural Anthropology and New Testament studies are complementary units. Asked how so, he said: “I suppose because both lecturers have been missionaries. They tell stories from their experience and really want the gospel to be proclaimed in a way that will be understood.”

Mitch says: “We’re learning so much you can’t fit it into a short article.”

They may not have experienced a Tassie winter yet, and COVID 19 is affecting the way the program is offered, but Mitch and Chloe are trusting that God has something to teach them through these circumstances, and that he is preparing them for long-term service.