“Auntie, what is your dream job?” One of our BCS students was doing an assignment on careers.

“I’m doing it,” I replied, to the student’s astonishment. “I’ve been working towards this job for years.”

Bourofaye Christian School is not state-of-the-art, or even paid, but five years on teaching here is still my dream job. Here are my top reasons why:

  • Christ is the centre and prayer is the foundation.
  • Family atmosphere. At about 100 staff and students, all but the youngest and newest know who everyone is. Grown-ups are called ‘Auntie’ and ‘Uncle’. We share meals in the dining room, go to church services together, and staff live on campus. Our lives and relationships really do extend beyond the classroom.
  • Small classes. I’ve worked in big schools and I’ve homeschooled, but for me BCS is the perfect size. I get to know all my students better. I tailor assignments to their backgrounds, interests and languages. We end a class on immigration with a prayer. We talk about the wonders of God’s world, its beauty and complexity.
  • Strategic Kingdom Placement. MK schools are magnets for missionaries. Senegal is a peaceful country, and welcoming to Christians, but less than 10% of Senegalese people claim to know Jesus. When BCS bought our current land, there were almost no missionaries in the immediate area. Fifteen years later our little town of Sindia has a tiny church.
  • The neighbouring countries are even more unreached, but many people travel to Senegal in hopes of work or education. Some hear the gospel here, through connecting with BCS families. And other missionaries can live and work in those countries because BCS provides their kids with a good live-in education.
  • Intentional, international, community living. BCS comprises students and staff from about 20 countries, and good relationships don’t happen by accident. Every year has crises – medical, emotional, technical, or something – and sometimes relationships fracture. We get to model for our children and our neighbours that there are many ways of doing life, and that we can live together in unity and diversity. A lot of prayer, grace and time goes into encouraging, challenging and building one another up in the Lord, welcoming, reconciling, farewelling and ‘friendshiping’. The accountability and community is good for my soul. Jesus is faithful in transforming each of us, and knitting us together in unity and holiness. It is a beautiful thing.
  • Perks: birds, trees, stars, languages, logistical support, housing, food, weather, flower

Joelle grew up in the Ivory Coast, West Africa as a Missionary Kid. She has been teaching at BCS for over five years and loves her job.

What BCS parents are doing: Church planting, Bible translation, community health, starting schools and developing curricula, street-kid ministry, discipling and supporting new converts as they develop into the local church, environmental work, developing new farming methods as the old lose efficiency in our changing climate, hospital work, administration, and oh so much more.