I recently had the privilege of embarking on a whirlwind tour of Western Asia with some very dedicated and talented workers.

A typical day went like this:

We would arrive at a crowded area (or a pre-arranged venue), set up sound, music, drama and art equipment, and perform to the local community. The performance would consist of a number of songs in both the local language and English, a drama called The Gardener, and a live art show. All of these items would present the gospel in an accessible way to the local audience, which provided a great starting-point for conversations following the show.

We were able to have many in-depth conversations with locals, refugees and international visitors, mainly from Islamic countries. Those of the crowd who were interested in learning more about the message we provided with reading materials, and connected them with the local cross-cultural workers. The more courageous among the crowd were even open to being prayed for!

There were a few problems with authorities, but thankfully God gave us favour with all those we met, allowing us to proclaim the gospel largely unhindered.

I would definitely recommend a short-term trip if you are considering missions.