The past two and a half months I’ve been living with a family who are involved in cross-cultural work. I am responsible for the two kids’ home schooling. It has been an absolute joy to help the family in this way. My being here gives both parents more time and energy to be meeting with people, doing pastoral care and Kingdom work. I have loved spending time with the kids, getting to know them and being much like an older sister to them. I teach, help and supervise them; we do maths together and I teach them how to write notes; I help them learn to manage their time and to work independently; I mark and prepare work and do science experiments with them, and all those sorts of things. I have had the privilege of seeing what cross-cultural work is like from the inside. I’ve been encouraged and challenged and have grown. This time has given me the chance to see Jesus through another culture’s eyes.

There is also time for me to be involved in the work the team is doing. I love going to an art class twice a week and slowly getting to know the ladies there. I’ve just begun doing more formal language lessons, which has been exciting. It has been a gift to be able to come and slip in among Christians who are further along and who love and follow the same Lord, in such a different world. I still do not quite understand mission trips, and what they could and should look like. I think, more often, it is the one who goes to teach who is taught, the one who goes to encourage who is encouraged. And the one who thought they went to change lives and open eyes, who comes home with their own life changed and their eyes opened.

Our God is beyond our understanding and delights in using the small and weak for his glory. I came here to learn and to be useful; to be stretched and challenged; and to be a simple and practical blessing. I am a young Christian with a long way to go, and I am still only just learning how to love and live in the footsteps of my Saviour. But I am so very grateful for such a beautiful opportunity.