Hospitality across the campus

Worldview is home to many people, and many people come and go. Hospitality is demonstrated in the way people are welcomed and served and included in daily life. Delicious food is prepared, accommodation units and the property are maintained, with thankfulness to God for his provision and a sense of stewardship for the sake of others.

The dining room is a hub at Worldview. We’re fortunate to have a caterer who loves to cook in many styles and a number of staff who pitch in and add to the mix. Having the farm means much of our produce is locally sourced. There is something very special about eating a meal in which everything comes from the Worldview farm. You can’t get much more paddock-to-plate than that!

Multi-cultural food is one aspect of living at Worldview. Check out this typical week’s dinner menu: Roast Beef, Chicken and Lime Pickle Pie, Nasi Goreng, Massaman Curry, Korean Beef Bowl. Sharing takes place even when meals are not served in the dining room. What a delightful surprise it is on a Saturday night when there’s a knock at the door and someone offers you a plate of Korean noodles. What a treat it is to learn how to make food from another culture, whether it be Mongolian dumplings, Khimchi or Tiramisu.

Many years ago Morning Tea used to be a quick cuppa, but now thirty minutes is timetabled to give space for conversation and developing relationships. Morning Tea is also the time that birthdays are celebrated in style. This is especially important as most students are separated from extended family.

Tiramsu workshop

Hospitality isn’t only about food but also about sharing life together, being particularly sensitive to those who are on their own, sharing the fun and the not-so-fun times. Weather affects the use of free time and thus the practice of hospitality in Tasmania. Summers are about lounging under a tree, playing an evening game of volleyball or jumping in the back of the ute to go and swim in the river. Winters are about sitting around the wood fire, or working on a jigsaw puzzle or a crossword with others.

Having students and staff working together to make hospitality possible is another feature of Worldview, e.g. through cleaning, washing dishes, doing the laundry and cooking. While rosters are necessary, a joyful attitude, camaraderie and the outworking of Worldview values brings a perspective which is different from just getting a job done. This is also a context for discipleship to happen and for modeling and passing on the value of hospitality.

Increasingly hospitality at Worldview includes sharing our facilities with like-minded individuals and organisations, e.g. providing office space for an experienced spiritual director, or our auditorium for statewide staff meetings and training by City Mission.

Worldview is a missionary training centre, and hospitality plays a big part in the lives of those called to make it home for a season and of visitors passing through.