Short term mission

Issue #43


We have devoted this edition to Short-Term Mission. In my role as WEC Australia’s Short-Term Coordinator, I’m excited to see the number of people who are taking up opportunities with our short-term program STOMP (Short Term Overseas Mission Program). Last year we took four teams to four branches and others did tailor-made, individual trips to Thailand, Japan and two other SE Asian countries. Also, a prayer-team (see page 6) spent time praying on-site for breakthroughs in a spiritually oppressed country. Already this year one team STOMP has gone to the Balkans and we have a short-termer in France, with several others preparing to go. We are blessed to have many branches that are happy to receive short-termers. There are still places on our team STOMPS to Indonesia and the Middle East. For more information see

What I am also excited about are the life changing stories that come back from the short-termers who participate in STOMPs. You can read some of these in this edition.

Short-termers can be a blessing to our branches and meet specific needs (see page 7). It is our prayer that the short-termers themselves will be blessed and find God’s will for them in mission. We are always happy when a short-term experience leads to a decision to become a long-term member of WEC. You can read about Rachel’s and Susanna’s journeys as they prepare to join WEC.

Worldview Centre for Intercultural Studies is an excellent place to prepare for long-term work and is often the next step after completing a short-term trip. This was the case for Tracey, who shares how Worldview gave her the skills to help her to be more effective in cross-cultural work.

We hope that these stories will spark your interest in short-term mission and that you will begin to seek God’s direction as to how He wants you involved.

Denise Rhodes, Editor

Not just another backpacker

Short-term mission trips are a key part of the Australian mission scene. Whether they be sent from churches or schools, or via mission agencies, thousands are taking advantage of these short-term opportunities every year.


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