Missionary Kids

Issue 48


Welcome to the new online edition of Imagine. While it is sad to see the end of our print copies, I love the fresh look of the new format and the flexibility it gives.

Each fortnight a new story will be uploaded, which means you can read the issue over three months. What we haven’t changed is the range of amazing stories about the way God is using His people to reach the unreached; whether through front line ministries or support roles, both just as important as each other.

In this issue, our focus is on Missionary Kids, a subset of Third Culture Kids. TCKs are children who spend a significant part of their developmental years in a country other than their parents’ passport country. They are influenced by both their parents’ culture and the culture of the country(ies) in which they live while not truly being part of either. TCKs develop a “third culture”, a mixture of the other two cultures. This sounds a bit negative, but Third Culture Kids can have a broader worldview and greater appreciation of different cultures than monoculture kids.

Missionary Kids are the children of missionaries or cross-cultural Christian workers as they are often known. WEC believes that God calls not just parents to serve Him, but whole families and that it is essential to support MKs as well as their parents.

We have a feast of articles relating to MKs – what makes them tick, how WEC supports them, educational options, factors to consider as a family when going overseas, what it’s like to be a returning MK and how you can serve the amazing bunch of kids known as MKs.

I encourage you to check Imagine every fortnight to read the new articles as they are uploaded. May you be blessed (and challenged!) as you read them.

Denise Rhodes, editor

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Serving missionary kids

There are several ways that you can serve Missionary Kids. One is to work in an international Christian school either as a teacher or a support worker. WEC is able to recruit staff for many of these schools around the world.

The following are some of the many opportunities that are available. Click on the links for more information or visit https://wec.com.au/opportunities and search under Skill - Education and Training.

Home School Tutors

Another way of serving MKs is to become a Home School Tutor. Home schooling may be the best option for some students. Having someone come to help with this is a wonderful way to support the parents, freeing them up for language learning and ministry. There are opportunities available in various countries around the world.