Missionaries - Still Needed Today?

Issue #47


As I write the pandemic that is Covid-19 is ravaging the planet. Countless people have died or are sick and dying. Much of the world’s population is already staying home or being urged to do so. Meetings, conferences, church services, even catch ups with friends have been banned in an effort to limit the spread of this terrible virus. Overseas travel from Australia is largely forbidden.

The question on the cover of this issue of Imagine is “Are Missionaries Still Needed?”. If anything the pandemic is showing that the answer is definitely “Yes!”. Pause for a moment and think of the many thousands who have already died. Did they die knowing Jesus? Had someone told them of the forgiveness and hope they could receive by putting their trust in Him?

Italy, Spain and France, some of the countries hardest hit by Covid-19, have a Christian heritage, but today have tiny percentages of Evangelical Christians. According to the Joshua Project, in Italy it’s 1.46%, in Spain 1.6% and in France 1.23%. They are mission fields. And despite the growth of Christianity in China and India there are still millions there who need salvation.

Of course, Covid-19 does not stop God working and many of our workers are finding new ways to connect with people. One lady in Italy is teaching Sunday School over the internet, others are using Skype, Zoom and phones to continue to connect and build relationships. Christian websites are receiving more traffic than usual.

Naturally WEC is not sending people overseas right now, but when this crisis is over we will have people accepted and willing to go.

I think there will be two responses from Christians once things have settled down. Some, through fear, will want to stay in the safety of Australia. Others, touched by the plight of those who died without Christ, will be spurred to obey Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19-20 to go into all the world. How will you respond?

Missionaries: still needed?

Globally, 81% of all non-Christians do not personally know a Christ-follower.

How can this be when the global church in Africa, Asia and Latin America has grown so rapidly over the last 50 years? With radio, TV and the internet being used to share the gospel you might think missionaries are no longer needed. But you would be wrong.

The command to go into the whole world has not been cancelled. Jesus didn’t cancel it, the Holy Spirit didn’t cancel it, and nor did the Apostle Paul. So, if the command hasn’t been cancelled, then surely there is still work to be done. That begs the question: What is still to be done?

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